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About Us

I M Human fosters human connections that turn Life Moments™ into opportunities for growth. We consult companies on initiatives that support the mental and emotional well-being needs of their employees.  We create places that allow people to connect in their most vulnerable and authentic form - as humans. 

We make mental and emotional well-being accessible by shedding light on all our various Life Moments™.  These may include a father having trouble engaging with his son at the end of a school day, a daughter trying to be supportive of her mom dating again, or a family and the loss of their teen to suicide. 

Through education, needs assessment and the creation of an Emotional Map™, we deliver a combination of relatable content, community engagement, and expert guidance.  By helping companies create a safe place that allows people to share personal stories and lessons learned for any given Life Moment™, it not only empowers the individual, but the entire organization as a whole.