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The story behind how we got started.

Ian Shea

Founder, CEO

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A leader and entrepreneur with 22 years of experience building businesses.

Expertise in capital markets and finance have helped me build and sustain fundamentals needed to raise and allocate capital, successfully engage talent, and navigate solutions in response to unmet needs in the marketplace, such as the creation of Maestro Market and my current business I M Human.

Focus and passion for building companies has remained constant since I was a child, starting with creating a snow-shoveling company, a window washing company and a catering business, all ventures that carried me through high-school and college.

Investment banking with Prudential Securities and Patricof & Co Capital allowed me to develop advanced skills in capital markets.

Serving as Vice President and General Manager of ReplayTV gave me an extraordinary range of business expertise and was where I really learned the "plumbing" of a company.   I led Replay through two acquisitions, two turnarounds, a successful exit from bankruptcy, a new business product launch, and finally the company's sale to DirecTV in 2008.

I earned an MBA from the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley and an MBA from Columbia Business School.  I earned my BS in Economics from Cornell. 

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    Advisory Board


Mike Thompson

Michael is the President and CEO of the National Alliance of Healthcare Purchaser Coalitions, an association of approximately 50 regional coalitions collectively supporting over 12,000 healthcare purchasers providing health coverage to more than 45 million Americans. Previously he was a Principal at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) for 20 years. Thompson is a nationally recognized thought leader for business health strategies and health system reform. Mike participated on the steering board of the World Economic Forum’s “Working towards Wellness” initiative.


Diane Reibel

Diane is the Director of the Myrna Brind Center for Mindfulness at the Marcus Institute of Integrative Health at Jefferson University Hospital and Clinical Associate Professor in the Department of Emergency Medicine at Sidney Kimmel Medical College.  She has been teaching mindfulness for over 20 years in medical, educational and corporate settings.  In addition to her passion for teaching mindfulness she studies the physiologic effects and health outcomes of mindfulness training, and her research is published and widely cited in both scientific journals and the popular press.  


James Doty, MD

Jim is a Clinical Professor in the Department of Neurosurgery at Stanford University and the Director of the Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education at Stanford University School of Medicine. He completed his undergraduate education at the University of CA, Irvine and medical school at Tulane University. He trained in neurosurgery at Walter Reed Army Medical Center and completed fellowships in pediatric neurosurgery at Children’s Hospital in Philadelphia (CHOP) and in neuroelectrophysiology focused on the use of evoked potentials to assess the integrity of neurological function.


Tillie Walton

Tillie Walton is passionate about rivers and freshwater, kids, and creating opportunities for others.  Meditation has had a profoundly positive effect on her life and she loves providing opportunities for other to learn to meditate and connect to nature.  Tillie served on the board of the Walton Family Foundation for a decade, and is currently on the board for the Aspen Center for Environmental Studies and on the advisory board of the Chopra Foundation.


Matthew Shaw

Matthew is a mental health advocate, workplace wellness enthusiast and senior news editor at the BBC.  Former Knight-Wallace Fellow and University of Michigan Depression Center Visiting Fellow, Mathew has studied depression in the newsroom – how to care for journalists with depression, how to create better working environments and how to cover the subject more intelligently in the media.  Matthew writes frequently on workplace mental health programs and designed the BBC’s mental health company-wide initiative.


Mary Beth Harvey

Mary holds a Master of Science in Education and Early Child Development from Bank Street College of Education. Her passion for understanding how young children learn led her to the Families and Work Institute, where, as a founding staff member, she worked on various national, state, and local child care and education reforms and initiatives, in addition to advising several Fortune 100 companies.  Most recently she worked on Mind in the Making, a national initiative that brings the science of early learning to parents, educators and the public through an engaged learning experience for educators and programs for parents.


Joel Schumacher

Joel an American film director, screenwriter, and producer.  Schumacher rose to fame after directing hit films of his decade St. Elmo's Fire, The Lost Boys and Flatliners. He later went on to direct John Grisham adaptations The Client and A Time to Kill. His films Falling Down and 8mm competed for Palme d'Or and Golden Bear respectively.  Schumacher-directed Batman films Batman Forever and Batman & Robin. After Batman films he made Tigerland and Phone Booth (2002), both earning positive reviews. Known for casting young actors, Schumacher helped actors like Colin Farrell, Kiefer Sutherland, and Matthew McConaughey to launch careers.


Anna Binder

Anna is Asana’s 1st Head of People Operations, former VP of People at Mulesoft, VP Client Services & Human Resources at Readyforce, Director of Human Resources at Cisco.

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Stephen Shaya, MD

Stephen is the Chief Medical Officer of J & B Medical.  His role oversees all strategy, innovation, and growth within J&B. By leading the planning and development of new enterprises, many describe Dr. Shaya as an intrapreneur; someone who behaves as an entrepreneur within a large organization. Dr. Shaya has received many recognitions, including becoming a Knight of Grace for the Knights of Malta, the 2015 Global Distinguished Health Care Award from the Center of Economic and Leadership Development, and a United States Congressional Commendation.



Dr. Alisha Ali

Alisha is an Associate Professor in the Department of Applied Psychology at New York University. Her research focuses on the mental health effects of oppression including violence, racism, discrimination and trauma. She has examined depression and its psychosocial correlates across a range of disadvantaged populations including trauma survivors, clients in poverty transition programs, psychiatric outpatient samples, and immigrant/refugee women. Her current projects are investigating empowerment-based and arts-based programs for domestic violence survivors, low-income high school students, and military veterans.   



Matthew Stinchcomb

Matt is the Executive Director of the Good Work Institute.  Before heading up the Good Work Institute, Matt was the longest serving employee and the VP, Values, and Impact at Etsy.com. In that role he oversaw the stewardship of the company’s vision, mission, and values, and worked to give all employees the means and the desire to maximize the benefit their work has on people and the planet. In 2013, he was named a GOOD Magazine ‘Figure of Progress’. The next year he was named as one of the Purpose Economy 100. In 2016, He became a BALLE Local Economy Fellow.


Eric Severson

Eric serves as DaVita Kidney Care’s Chief People Officer.  He has 15 years of executive level human resources experience with Gap Inc. where he proved himself to be a top innovator for leading talent practices in the workplace. Most recently, he served as the co-chief human resources officer and SVP for Global Talent Solutions. Prior to Gap Inc., Severson spent nearly 10 years at Macy's in employee and labor relations and store operations.


Brian Rusch

Brian is the Executive Director of the Human Thread Foundation, the international nonprofit organization started by acclaimed humanitarian photographer, Lisa Kristine.  Brian was the Executive Director of the Desmond Tutu Peace Foundation, Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu's US Foundation.  Prior to his work with Archbishop Tutu, Brian was the Deputy Executive Director of the Dalai Lama Foundation.  Brian got his start in the nonprofit world at the Palo Alto-based Project Happiness, a global organization dedicated to teaching social and emotional learning to young adults.