I M Human
A Revolutionary Support System


The humans behind I M Human


    I M Human partners with organizations to customize initiatives that support and meet the mental, emotional and spiritual needs of their employees.  We design initiatives that are real, relatable and accessible. 



Tailored Approach

Customized Industry Overview                       

Provide an educational overview on this space, why it is important, tailored to your employee base            

Survey Work and needs analysis

Construct company Emotional Map™ to better understand the culture and needs of your workforce, and set goals for desired cultural shifts.        

Initiative development & Implementation 

Recommend initiatives that are real, relatable and relevant to support implementation & metric tracking              


Internal Buy-In

Awareness Building & Management Buy-in 

Build awareness, secure management buy-in and create company internal promotional materials     

Expert & Partner Access

Provide access to thousands of experts, advisors and practitioners through deep network of relationships.                                          


Offer half day, full day or longer-term engagements for customized work.                              



Content curation & packaged resources    

Curate and package for your workforce over 5+ years of archived information

Keynote speaking

Customize a variety of talks on mental, emotional & spiritual well-being for your audience.                                                                                                

technology platform and app development

Design and development of internal platform                  

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